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Raising Quality Meat for our family & Yours.

We carry a wide range of chemical free products.  All of our product is free of hormones and antibiotics.  It is all produced on grass, without the use of herbicides or pesticides.  We raise Longhorn beef, bison and elk as well as free range roasting chickens, turkeys, pork and eggs. See our product lists, they are shown below.

You can shop at our farm location all year round...we have 12 freezers of individually vacuum packaged product.  We can also sell by the 1/2 or whole....Please call or stop by for more information.
We attend the Lakedell, Ponoka, Rimbey, Bently and down town Red Deer Market all summer as well as their special Christmas markets.  Hope to see you there.

All the meat is inspected, slaughtered and processed according to the standards established by the Alberta Government.

Longhorn Beef Products

All items provincially inspected, individually vacuum packaged, labeled and priced.

1/2 & whole sides available $6/lbs cut and wrapped.

A 1987 study by Texas A & M University showed that Longhorn Beef was leaner than all other meats, including turkey, chicken, buffalo and venison.

Beef Rib Steak
Beef Tenderloin
Beef Ribeye
Beef New york Steak

Beef Patties-All beef preformed burgers.

Great for the BBQ or a over the campfire.

Beef Ground

Beef pepperoni Sticks

8 sticks/pkg

Beef Peppered Salami

Yummy yummy....cut it thick and fry it for breakfast, great on a sausage and cheese tray or in a sandwich with cheese and mayo.  Don't forget how great it is on home made pizza.....yum yum yum!!

Beef Garlic Ring
Beef Roasts; Sirloin Tip, Cross-Rib, Rump & Prime Rib
Protein comparison

Lean Ground Elk