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. Events Area


and a SHE-SHED

3 RV's

We have small rustic cabins and RV's available to rent for quiet 

get-away's, weddings or group camping, and family events. We also have a large camp area perfect for large groups, trail ride events and family reunions. We can supply meat for your BBQ needs or have a local cater attend your event....Please call or stop by for a look.


Camping $15 / person / night Children 8 yrs & under camp for free

Drive in for the day $10 / person / day

Dogs 10$/ day ( See Below for more detail) 

You and your horse ride the trails for the day $20

Camping with your horse $30/day

Includes your camping fee, your horse, your horse pen, water to the pens. Bring your own water buckets and feed. We do have square horse hay bales available $8 each

PLEASE clean the pens after use.

Running water on site, manure disposal pile on site.

Quads $25/day (please ask when booking as they are not allowed at all times of the year and only on certain areas on the premises, again this is your own quad- we do not have quads for rent)

Cabins $100/night

3 nights for $250

5 week days $350

1 week for $450

Real Farm Experience- Come stay in a cabin, eat home cooked meals, help with daily feeding of animals, gather eggs and get to see what we have on the go at the time, this may include things like ; Checking cows, tagging babies, attending farmers markets, preparing for campground events... spend your day being a real farmer!

Lodging and meals included 

550$/ 3days

800$/ 7days 

Winter sports/tobogganing available contact for more details 


  "We love our backyard" and we hope you enjoy it too. It is our our principle is LEAVE NO TRACE. Please pick up after your self and leave all nature as you see it so others can enjoy it too. If someone displaces nature, ruins trees or puts unnecessary stress on any of the farm animals you will be asked to leave and to pay for any damages caused.

Dogs In The Camp Ground 

We are a working farm, if the dog was to enter a pen the dog could be killed and you would be financially responsible for injured or dead livestock. Dogs must NOT be left unattended or bother livestock or people. Please clean up all dog poop. 

If dog/dog owner fails to respect these rules they can be asked to leave

MSW Farms Log Cabin- Is an old authentic trappers cabin.

It includes 1 double bed with 1 single bunk along with a wood stove. 


Msw Farms hunting Cabin- Includes 3 single beds and a wood stove with an amazing view of the Battle river Valley 

Msw Farms Heritage Cabin- Includes 1 double bad and 1 single bed along with a old authentic cook stove 

MSW farms Girls Cabin- Includes a double bed with a single bunk as well as a loft with a double mattress.  It also has its very own indoor bathroom! 

Msw Cabins

MSW-Much Serenity & Wildlife


Horse trails, Hiking for availability

Family Get Togethers, weddings, farm tours, river for availability

September 16th-17th 2023

MSW 11th Annual Poker Rally.

Come and camp the whole weekend or just come for a day ride.

Rides on Saturday and Sunday, registration from 9:00am to Noon each day. Cards in by 5:00 Cash prizes to winning hands, door prizes, boot shines and social.

poker rally poster 2023.png

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Annual Christmas Open House and Gift Shopping

December 8-9th, 2023

Check back to see further updates 

 Some things you can expect to see: Epicure spices, tea and bake ware, Scentsy, Norwex, Homemade cards by Jenalee, homemade turtles, caramel corn, chocolate dipped cherries, perogies, Christmas wreaths, baking, honey, toques and boots, fudge, skulls, Meat of all kinds, dog bones, antler chews, unique artwork and paintings......and so much more 

Wedding Events:

Follow us for more updates. Don't forget to tag us in your posts and use our hashtag #mswfarms

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